First Market of the Season (Thursday May 22nd, 12-7pm)

Our hands have been busy harvesting asparagus for you! We welcome you back to our farm. We will also have fresh rhubarb, spinach, and our laying hens have been busy, too; try our free range brown EGGS. You will also find beets, carrots, leeks and potatoes that we reserved from our fall harvest. Hope to…

1st Market of the Season

Due to the late Spring, our first market of the year is this coming Thursday May 23rd, 2019 from 12-7 pm. We will be posting our produce availability closer to the day. Looking forward to seeing you again :)!

Parsley & Celery Root Recipes

Many of you have been asking what to do with parsley and celery root so I decided to find some recipes for you. Here is a link to a site titled “10 things to do with celery root”:…/ten-yes-10-things-to-do-with-cel…/. Here is a link from Martha Stewart’s Roasted Parsley Root recipe: