At Gmach Gardens, we grow a wide variety of vegetables, planted in small quantities, multiple times during the growing season. This ensures a constant supply of the FRESH vegetables that we harvest just before selling them at our markets.

Here is a list of the vegetables that we grow. Click on the crop to find both nutritional information and recipes.

Crop Availability
Asparagus May – June
Beans July – September
Beets July – May
Broccoli June – November
Brussels Sprout August – March
Cabbage June – May
Carrots July – May
Cauliflower June – November
Celeriac  August – May
Corn July – October
Cucumber June – September
Garlic July – January
Herbs(Basil, Cilantro, Dill, Parsley) June – September
Kale (Black, Green, Red) June – January
Leeks August – April
Lettuce Salad Mix June – October
Melons July – August
Onions June – April
Parsley Root July – April
Parsnips August – May
Peas June – July
Potatoes (White, Red, Yukon) July – June
Rhubarb May – July
Sweet Potatoes October – May
Spinach May – November
Strawberries May – June
Squash August – December
Tomatoes July – October
Zucchini July – September