In 1934, Karl (d. 1972) and Frances (d. 2005) Gmach sold their first vegetables at the old Kitchener Market. More than 80 years later, the second, third and fourth generations of Gmach farmers work side by side to provide customers with fresh produce. A lot has changed in the world in that time, but farming together as a family has remained the same.

We grow a wide variety of produce on our family run farm located just 2 kilometers outside the Kitchener boundary, on Huron Road. In addition to the Kitchener Market, we began selling at our farm in 2017. In 2019, our online store was launched and we began offering a limited amount of produce grown by other local farmers.

We farm using a combination of traditional and modern farming techniques. We use a combination of manure in the fall and fertilizer (when needed) in spring or summer. The pesticides used are a combination of synthetic and organic, sprayed as necessary (not as frequently as labels prescribe), and all days to harvest requirements are strictly adhered to. Weeds are also tilled out with a small cultivator tractor or by hand. Rye is planted on vacant soil throughout the season to prevent soil erosion and is killed off and tilled under in spring before the next planting occurs. We  also rotate crops to prevent disease and preserve nutrients in the soil.

Our children’s laying hens are now caged in large community cages with roosting bars, and laying quarters where they freely roam. They eat feed from the mill as well as a mixture of greens from our fields.
You are invited to visit our farm seasonally, during market hours (Friday’s from 12-6pm).
We look forward to meeting you,
Shannon and Joe Gmach


Here is a list of the vegetables that we grow. Click on the crop to find both nutritional information. (Recipes have moved to a separate page.)

Crop Availability
Asparagus May – June
Beans July – September
Beets July – May
Broccoli June – November
Brussels Sprout August – March
Cabbage June – May
Carrots July – May
Cauliflower June – November
Celeriac  August – May
Corn July – October
Cucumber June – September
Garlic July – January
Herbs(Basil, Cilantro, Dill, Parsley) June – September
Kale (Black, Green, Red) June – January
Leeks August – April
Lettuce Salad Mix June – October
Melons July – August
Onions June – April
Parsley Root July – April
Parsnips August – May
Peas June – July
Potatoes (White, Red, Yukon) July – June
Rhubarb May – July
Sweet Potatoes October – May
Spinach May – November
Strawberries May – June
Squash August – December
Tomatoes July – October
Zucchini July – September