Joseph Gmach continues the farming tradition passed on from his Grandfather, Karl Gmach Sr., and his Father, Karl Gmach. Since the 1930s, the Gmach family has sold their produce at the Kitchener Farmer’s Market. It has long been Joseph’s dream to sell produce right from the farm. That dream finally became a reality in the Spring of 2017!

Here is a list of the vegetables that we grow. Click on the crop to find both nutritional information and recipes.

Crop Availability
Asparagus May – June
Beans July – September
Beets July – May
Broccoli June – November
Brussels Sprout August – March
Cabbage June – May
Carrots July – May
Cauliflower June – November
Celeriac  August – May
Corn July – October
Cucumber June – September
Garlic July – January
Herbs(Basil, Cilantro, Dill, Parsley) June – September
Kale (Black, Green, Red) June – January
Leeks August – April
Lettuce Salad Mix June – October
Melons July – August
Onions June – April
Parsley Root July – April
Parsnips August – May
Peas June – July
Potatoes (White, Red, Yukon) July – June
Rhubarb May – July
Sweet Potatoes October – May
Spinach May – November
Strawberries May – June
Squash August – December
Tomatoes July – October
Zucchini July – September